Back Seat Driver

Do you know how to drive?

I remember when I first started learning how to drive, I received so many unsolicited comments on how I should drive whenever I was behind the wheel.

“GO this way…”

“Turn left….”

“Go to the front lane….”

I remember breaking down crying when my husband, then boyfriend screamed at me. I was so terrified that I could no longer drive all the way home.

Now, I consider myself a pretty cautious and experienced driver. Whenever, my husband or ANYONE tries to backseat drive, I would ask them if they would like to take the wheel instead? Otherwise, please keep your comments to yourself!

I visited my friend at her shop yesterday. We have not met since Chinese New Year and many events happened since then.

She came to visit me during Chinese New Year and I did a Card Reading for her. So I was there to catch up and do a follow up session.

Thing is…. The card reading session went really well… in fact, so well that I found some hidden messages for me as well.

But the thing is, why come for a reading to find get guidance but then not willing to do anything about it?

Then what is THE point of getting a reading in the first place?

What is the point of KNOWING and then NOT doing anything? You are just exactly where you were?

The whole point in getting a reading to get guidance is to seek clarity and then bring the guidance received into some action and thus have a better quality life.

Seriously, its just a waste of money if one comes for a readying and then decide that it was better not to do anything about it.

So, she was exactly where she started…. Messed up and confused! I say this without judgement!

Everyone has to right to decide how he/she wants to live. Who am I to judge?

But the point is, I am not going to take advice from someone who is “messed up” right?

I shared with her the problems I was facing and she immediately gave her 2 cents worth.

“Oh.. you know… you shouldn’t have done this….. you should have done that…..”

I was like… Hello! excuse me, you do not know the entire story so please save your comments.

Point is that, I realized when someone has lost control over their own lives, they are very happy to tell others how they should live their lives. Almost sounding as though as they know best! Think about it…. the only way to feel in control is to tell others what to do and what NOT to do. But never taking responsibility for themselves.

It is easy to pin point on how other’s should live. Take a moment now to think about our own lives. Be brave and pin point at our own. Get to know yourself all over again. Take control of your destiny and you will not be a tourist in your life ever again.

That way, not only will you not get upset when you hear negative words from others but you will find a whole new meaning to living a life filled with LOVE.